Shattered Fantasy: About

A young man sits at his desk and writes a blog post about what the blog is about. Who is this strange person?
Well, it’s none other than myself.
This blog is the story of my life after graduating high school and learning how to adult properly. However, I will be narrating it as through the events were straight out of a video game.
Well, because a semi-impersonal observation of one’s life can lead to greater insight on the path ahead. Or simply because as a writer, I cannot help but write things in weird and fun ways. So, without further ado, I will introduce the main character of this blog.

Name: Kristopher ‘Diretooth’ Knox
Job/Class: Unclassed
Stats: STR 4, DEX 6, CON 8, INT 6, WIS 3, CHA 5.
Age/Level: Twenty
Weapon: Pen
Skill: Writing III, Reading IV, Playing video games II, Shapeshifting II*, Cooking I, Game Development I, Persuade III.
Bio: A tall, lanky Human with a ruddy complexion and red hair. Preferring the use names of ‘Kris’ or ‘Dire’, I am a year out of high school with a diploma. I am a Dire Wolf and Dragon Therianthrope** who writes, reads, and makes video games.
Arrogant to a fault, I tend to overestimate my own abilities, which can lead to strife. Either for myself, or for others. Recent events have led to me seeking a job with little alternative for money, which will be talked about later. (Even the main character has to have a backstory.)

*See ‘Therianthrope’.
** Therianthrope: A person who believes that they are, wholly or partially in a non-physical manner, a non-human animal.

Shattered Fantasy: About